My laptop is showing the blue screen for 5 times already

Aug 4, 2020
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Last year there were 5 instances when my laptop showed the blue screen. It said it encountered a fatal error that it would be restarting. I was not able to take a picture of the screen so I do not know the details. This year, so far, the blue screen had not appeared yet. The laptop is running on Windows 7 so I am thinking that maybe it needs an upgrade. Do you have an idea on what may be causing the appearance of the blue screen?
You definitely need an update. Windows 7 is really very outdated and old now and I think they no longer might be supporting updates on this system. If you are using this laptop for many years now, it would not be worth spending money on repairing and upgrading it. You should exchange it for a newer model with latest Windows OS. It will certainly cost you money but it will give a far better performance.
Alternatively, you could also switch to Linux. There are many distributions that actively support older hardware or more limited hardware and allow you to have decent levels of performance. If compatibility is a concern, you can either run Windows through a VM or use Wine, which has a 95+% rate of compatibility to run the software you might need, if a suitable Linux variant isn't already available.