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Mural paintings to boost tourism e

Nocturnal Thinker

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Sep 15, 2020
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Mural painting is promoting our tourist's spots in our small, humble city.

6 mural painting.png

The Champion​

A group of local artists have favorably responding to the invitation of the city for mural painting contest of the perimeter fence of the private high school along the city street near the public plaza.

13 mural painting.png

First Runner-up​

There were 16 talented artists joined the contest. They put their best to paint the various landmarks of the city like the century old locomotive, the volcano, the twin falls, the century old big house, the Thanksgiving festival, another century old Roman Catholic Church, the sugarcane cutters, among others.

16 mural paintings 3rd.png

Second runner-up
This contest is in collaboration with the observation of provincial tourism month in September.

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