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Moving out soon!


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Jun 14, 2020
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Because I can’t control my urge to go to the bathroom endlessly and compulsively at night, relationship with my parents have been deteriorating, thence why I’m moving out. Also, I can’t stand my dad’s violence and abuse towards me anymore. At last, free I am, finally.
Oops! I am very sorry to know your personal problem with your parents. You haven't mentioned whether you're married or not. I couldn't size up where the fault lies on the discontentment you have with your parents.

Now moving out seems to relieve you from the abuse and violence inflicted by your dad. It's difficult to guess whether you belong to LGBT or not. Sorry if I mention it cause a father won't be too cruel to his children if there's no serious problem related to that kind of 3rd group in the society.

Well, it's time to live by yourself if you can afford it, if you can live independently. Hope you will have a peace of mind of your final decision to move out from your parent's custody. So be it.
If you need to use the bathroom legitimately, then I don't think they should make a big deal out of it. Well I'm happy for you that you will now be able to move out of your parent's house and finally be free from all the restrictions.

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