Miracles in the Catholic religion

Aug 4, 2020
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The miraculous images are usually the image of the Virgin Mary or the baby Jesus. In one documentary on TV that I saw the other day there was the small statue of the baby Jesus that is made of wood which is always wet with oil. The owner and the followers in the neighborhood attest to the healing of the oil in their cases. When news like this breaks out in the media the place would be crowded with sick people who are hoping to be cured. Do you believe in such miraculous images and statues?
In some churches here they are selling small items like scapular ore medal with the miraculous image of the baby Jesus or his mother. I understand that those images or pictures are not really the face of such holy people because during their lifetime there was no picture yet and not even an artist who captured their real image in art works. But I still respect the belief in such religious items for the simple reason that some believers get benefit from their belief.
I have changed the title of this thread to cover all kinds of miracles because there's a lot. If you have not heard of the Lourdes miracles in France it was a grotto or cave that has healing water. Many claimed that they were cured of ailments like rheumatism or paralysis. There are more than 50 miracles that were officially recorded by the Catholic church. It is a long story that started when a young girl claimed to have seen the image of the Virgin Mary in the grotto. Her name is Bernadette.
There is one priest named Fernando who is a healer. He said that his power of healing comes from God. Many wanted to dispute it but there are testimonies from people who got cured. And they are not ordinary people, most are the wealthy. There is a group of influential people that is supporting the priest in his healing programs. He was able to build a shrine although it was tainted by controversies caused by the doubtful. Unfortunately for the priest he died of heart attack while playing tennis, his beloved sport - that was 2 years ago.
My partner's mum gets water from Lourdes and gets it blessed by a priest which apparently makes it holy water. Once I had a lump come up on my neck and she insisted on sprinkling me with the water and it did miraculously disappear. I personally don't believe it was the water but I was worried and would have tried anything.
Sometime in 1993 (or 1994) there was a "visionary" who claim to see the Virgin Mary by the tree in the mountains of a rural town. The name of the teenage boy is Judiel. He said that the Virgin Mary is telling him some messages for the benefit of mankind. The media hype caused many people to go to that place. I remember Joe De Venecia was there, he was the speaker of Congress. There's also Tito Sotto who is now senate president. The multitude didn't see anything except to believe in that boy and in what he was saying.
There is another priest who claims to be a healer. His name is Fr. Corsie. We went to one of his healing sessions. There was a multitude of patients and sitting beside us was a woman with a tube in her neck. I think it is the throat. The priest would pray over the patient but he said that there is no guarantee of healing. When it was over I digested the words of the priest. At least he is admitting that his healing is not 100%.
The virgin statue in Antipolo that came from Mexico in the year 1600s was named Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. After being in the church of Antipolo town for some months the statue vanished. Later they found the statue resting on a branch of a Tipolo tree. Many devotees of the virgin walk to the town of Antipolo on May 1, the fest day of the virgin. Some people claim that they were healed and their pleas were heard by the virgin.