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Middleweight bout - Jack Hermansson vs Marvin Vettori


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Aug 4, 2020
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On December 5 it will be a milestone for Italian MMA fighter Marvin Vettori to headline a UFC bout. He will face UFC #4 middleweight contender Jack Hermansson. Vettori is ranked #13 only but that should not fool you. Even if has not experienced a 5-round fight there are more things to see on Saturday night. In fact, the Vegas odds is favoring Vettori at -130. But the fight records can speak for itself that a close fight will be the theme. Vettori has a record of 21-5 while Hermansson has 15 wins and 4 losses.
With a few takedowns to spice up the fight which was mostly a striking contest, UFC had named the bout FOTN - Fight of the Night worth $50k for each fighter. The fight went the full route of 5 rounds with each fighter having a dose of punches and kicks. In the end the judges sided with Italian Marvin Vettori for a unanimous decision.

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