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Article Maintaining A Positive Relationship


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Nov 16, 2020
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All relationships have ups and downs and they all take work and commitment. It doesn't matter if what stage your relationship is at, you can still take steps to maintain the positive aspects. Some of you may have had negative relationships in the past, but you can still find happiness in your current one.

Defining A Positive Relationship

People start a relationship for a variety of different reasons. If you want to define a positive relationship, you have to know what you want the relationship to be. That is a conversation for you and your partner. Some things are common to a positive relationship and knowing them will set you on the right path.

  • Maintaining a meaningful connection. You and your partner should get to know each other emotionally. If you already do, then knowing a little more won't hurt you in the long run.
  • You have no fear of a civil disagreement. Some people calmly discuss their issues with their partner and others not so much. The thing is you should not be afraid of disagreements. You should be able to discuss things you don't agree on with your partner so you can reach an understanding.
  • Distribute the weight. Relationships are a lot of work, so you should have friendships and other activities away from your partner. Why? If you expect your partner to satisfy all your needs, it puts pressure on them, and then the relationship feels like a chore.
  • Communicate. Closed mouths don't get fed. You have to be able to talk to one another honestly so that both of your needs and expectations are met.

Advice For Maintaining A Positive Relationship

I have advice for those of you wanting to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner. Doing these simple things can really put you all on the right path and improve certain aspects of your relationship.

Set Aside Time For Eachother

You can remember when you and your loved one first got together, can't you? I bet you can see exactly how that first moment played out, you probably planned it. Back then you and your significant other probably spend a lot of time together.

A lot of couples notice as time moves on in their relationship, that those in-person moments are replaced by, a quick text, a short phone call, and or a voicemail message. Communicating via text and calls serves a great purpose, but it just doesn't cut it when you want to show someone your affection. Those face-to-face moments let your partner know that you truly love and appreciate them. If you find yourselves becoming distant or it seems as if there is an emptiness to your interactions, you two need to spend more time together.

Communicate Communicate Communicate

Having good communication is fundamental is to keep a positive relationship. When you have a deeper emotional connection to your partner, there is an extra sense of security and happiness you will gain. When couples don't communicate how they should, it puts up an emotional barrier between them that can be difficult to break down.

I have said that closed mouths don't get fed, right? They truly don't. That is why if you have needs, tell your partner because there is a high probability they don't read minds. I know it's not easy talking about your needs because it can be embarrassing for you, but helping your partner understand you and what you want is not anything to be ashamed of. On the other hand, you have to do the same for your partner. Take the initiative to ask them questions or take non-verbal cues to ask what you should do.

Keep Some Intimacy

Touch is a very important sense in the human body. Studies show that it's important for babies to have regular contact for development. This doesn't just affect babies. Affectionate contact enhances the chemical elements in our bodies that are associated with bonding. Sex is often seen as the highest form of physical affection, but it should not be the only means of intimacy in a relationship. Things like holding hands and little kisses can be just as intimate. Make sure you know your partner's boundaries. If you do something that makes your partner uncomfortable they will be more reluctant to receive your affections. All these things boil down to you communicating your intent with your partner.

Be Ready For The Roller-coaster

Ups and downs are apart of any relationship, it will never be just one of those. There are going to be disagreements between you and your partner. One of you may be under a lot of stress. On top of that, health issues and work problems will make it hard for two to feel close to one another. You may have different views on how certain things should be and misunderstandings can easily turn into anger which can make things messy. Remember, the bad times will always go away.

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