Lightweight bout - Tony Ferguson vs Charles Oliveira

Aug 4, 2020
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As the co-main event on Saturday night's UFC fight card (December 12) Tony Ferguson will be facing Charles Oliveira as the underdog. Oliveira has a fight record of 29-8 but he was surging lately with several wins while Ferguson with his record of 26-4 has lost to Justine Gaethje in his last fight. In the betting odds Ferguson is -150 which is considered a slight favorite over Oliveira. This is one explosive fight so you have to watch it from the start.
Ferguson has a 12 win streak before he lost to Justin Gaethje for the interim lightweight belt. He was the #1 contender before that fight. Oliveira is not in the top 10 but his 7 fight win streak are all KOs or submission. This will be a slambang affair but my money goes to Tony Ferguson because he is a striker with a killer punch. On the other hand Oliveira is good in grappling and ground fighting.
Oliveira is a grappler and Ferguson has a strong defense against a takedown. But Oliveira has a killer punch like Ferguson. The odds are in favor of Ferguson because of his long winning streak of 12 before he lost to Gaethje during his last fight while Oliveira is a newcomer to the top 10 rankings. Now I am having second thoughts if Ferguson can easily deal with Oliveira. Let us see tomorrow.
It was unexpected that underdog Oliveira had an easy time in getting a unanimous decision over Ferguson. The takedowns looked easy and Ferguson seemed helpless on the ground for 3 rounds. The 3 judges scored the fight 30-26 for the one-sided fight of Oliveira which is now waiting in the wings for the next big fight maybe for the interim belt.