Discussion Kanye running for president...

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Would you really find it suprising if that was true though?
Not in the least, I'm sure anything and everything is on the table for them in terms of stupid strategies to try. This one is certainly working as a diversion!

The biggest advantage Trump has till now is "There Is No Credible Alternative"
This is the sad reality, because no matter how great he might have looked serving under Obama, Biden is just not Presidential material, and he's done a lot to solidify that in the minds of a lot of people...so...irrespective of what actually happens, it's four more years of terrible.
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It's too early to know whether Trump will continue his presidency of the United States of America. Kayne hasn't qualified for the ballot in many states which will reduce his chances of becoming elected over Donald. We'll have to wait until November to find out the Poll Results!
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His coming out against the deep state will throw him into Alex Jones territory, a laughable situation to many.
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Whereas Kanye West is a self made BILLIONAIRE. Trump is a loser businessman. Ye is a worldwide success.
I would make sure to go out and vote 'no' to Kanye for president. There's a limit to the crazy scale even I won't exceed
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He's apparently dropped out of the race.

Never forget!