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Joking Masking Anger


Jun 20, 2020
Sometimes, jokes mask real anger. I mean, me and my girlfriend always joked around. However, this July month is exceptionally brutal rivaling Marines basic training. :cry: Well, basically, I simply put up with all her verbal abuse, rarely fighting back. Well, what case did I have with all the lying and other things?

Anyway, things seem to have cooled down today. We had a good discussion over pizza and she explained somethings in the open.

So what is being a jerk etc.. vs just joking around? Do you feel the joking isn't cool? Well, of course!

Anyway, experts advise staying away from an ex at the least - cause a lot of anger will be thrown around - and things said that people don't really mean, but can pose "a false reality" that's believable. This reality pushes people further apart - but there could be exceptions I hope.
Jul 29, 2020
I think instead of jocking about things that made you angry is a bad idea.I prefer people to talk things out and say what's not going well between them.


Jan 25, 2021
Perhaps it is in the explaining or in the understanding but I’m not at all too sure what the topic is really about.
If we’re writing about sarcasm or facetiousness in place of expressing one’s anger then I can see the probability that there are going to be problems.
The very second a person tries to replace what should be said with some facetious nonsense, the skies may not darken but there will be a storm brewing in that relationship.
To me, being able to communicate with passion, oral dexterity and truth is far better than skirting an issue with sarcasm that can actually create more anxiety and frustration between two people.
My Bible says: Let your yea’s be yea’s and your nay’s be nay’s. (Matt. 5;37). Which in this case means, “spit it out dude, tell me what’s bugging ya”.

Do note, I call ANY interaction between two or more human beings a relationship in that when one communicates with another, a relationship is being formed. Whether it’s a wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or the cashier at the local convenience store, be succinct and truthful because that is what is going to determine if that relationship is good, bad or indifferent.


Oct 9, 2020
Why would you joke around when you're already very angry to begin with? You should just talk things out with your gf. Hiding your anger or issues won't do you any good.


Aug 4, 2020
I know of some people who mask their anger with a joke although I can see in the face that the joke was just to ease down his emotions. Sometimes I do that although my joke was usually sarcastic when I am angry. Maybe I cannot successfully hide my anger because I am always honest with myself. What I do now is to count up to ten to easy my anger and think of the consequences if ever I would flare up.

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