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It is illegal to own an endangered species of birds and animals


There is a law against owning an endangered bird like the eagle or hawk. But some people have the temerity to buy from the underground market. Obviously the price is high that there are sellers. In the picture is an eagle that has been with the owner for more than 4 years already. The cage door is open so the eagle can fly when it wants. But it prefers to stay in the cage maybe because it is hand-fed. I am keeping secret the identity of the owner.

IMG_6822 eagle.JPG

Lord Saru

What I see bird keepers doing are that they cut a few feathers of the eagle so that they cannot fly even if they want to.

That kept aside, the convention for international trade in endangered species (CITES) ensures that trade in wildlife is a criminal activity in all signatory countries.


Well, I think that it's just right that wild animals should be left alone in the wild, but there are indeed some unscrupulous people that sell them illegally, usually at a high price, although I do notice that there is a market for it.


I regularly see plenty of videos of wild birds such as owls, falcons etc. who are kept as pets by people. I often wonder how can they keep them as pets if it is illegal. Some birds who are rescued and nursed to health develop a bond with their carers and may choose to live with them, but I wonder if it is really possible that way and if they do not want to go back to where they came from.


Owning an exotic pet is become very fashionable in the Europe and America. Whether you can own endangered species and keep as pets or not depends on country's law where you are residing. In my home countrey, wild animals and birds are not legally allowed to keep as pets. However, time to time government changes its law regarding certain animals when their population becomes big in the wild.