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Issue on forest fire


Aug 4, 2020
I have read about the forest fire in Australia that was alleged to be caused by nature. The weather may be too dry and too hot that a dry twig could set fire. That looked impossible to me but I have not been to the outback so I am ignorant. Is there no way to prevent such forest fires? There's also the devastating forest fire in California this year that countless of homes were lost and probably lives too. It makes me wonder why governments seem to be helpless on the forest fire when they have the resources.


Jul 30, 2020
Such wild fires destroy millions of trees as well as personal properties in Australia and US each year, so also in India, in the Amazon rainforests of Brazil, Argentina etc. I think it is not just natural factors as extreme dry conditions but also human negligence is the cause of such fires. I am not really sure as to how they can be reduced but probably increasing water tables in such areas may help.


Dec 13, 2020
I steam it online to. And it was so terrifying seeing forest getting burnt when the government can actually monitor forest and make use of the resources that comes from it.

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