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Is watching movies/films an exercise in futility?

Neutral Nova

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Nov 8, 2020
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No, watching movies is certainly not an exercise in futility.
You can gain so much from films. You become more acquainted with about societies, workmanship, history of sports and its kin, their yearnings, their motivations, their preferences, repulsions, loathes, love, war, peculiarities, impulses thus numerous different things.

it's my opinion,
what do you think?
I agree. Watching films is not necessarily a futile and timewasting exercise. Good movies with strong storyline and good music give us a great experience and can also prove an inspiration to us in more ways than one.
I knew about America's war of independence after watching Patriot. I knew about how Jesus was Crucified after watching Passion of the Christ. Movies are never futile even when you are watching commercial movies like Fast and Furious. These movies trigger happy hormones, therefore, you will feel delighted. I enjoy watching movies. I like historical movies.

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