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Is there a way to stop the smoke emission of vehicles?


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Aug 4, 2020
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This topic was a discussion at home the other day. Our car is again due for registration and one requirement is the smoke emission test. That made me think that if the electric car will be the standard then there would be no more smoke that is emitted by vehicles that run on gasoline and diesel. But that would mean the bankruptcy of the oil-producing nations. Can that happen in our lifetime?
I don't see it happening in our lifetime, however, I think in our kids' time there will be no more gasoline-based vehicles. A handful of nations have already pledged to stop producing and using gasoline cars by 2050, if the same policy is followed by the major vehicle producing nations, fossil fuel consumption will go down by half.
Yes it can very well happen. Oil producing gulf countries are slowly and steadily switching over to technology and tourism industries so that they do not have to rely only on oil. The natural reserves are fast depleting and soon the decision will need to be made with respect to alternative fuel sources. Tesla is already making a great headway into production of electric cars and trucks. Other companies will soon follow with focus on how to make them affordable for all.

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