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Is it hard for you to confess?


Real hero hidden in the darkness
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Jul 25, 2020
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I now I am a working adult but I share everything with my mother.

She guides me if I am doing something wrong. Lately I am obsessed with doll collections. Thanks to the black Friday deals, I ended up purchasing 13 more dolls and exhausted my bank account completely. These dolls are like 99 USD to 185 USD.
I have been thinking of confessing but it's kinda hard. I know she will get mad at me.
So, is it the same for you guys as well?
it really easy to confess to love ones, thou they might feel bad, but they will still find every reasons to forgive ones shortcomings. But people that are not close enough with one might be difficult to confess to because they might take it up against somebody.
I find it so easy to confess to the people I'm close to, maybe because I'm already very familiar with them to begin with that's why it's easy for me to open up.
Confession is not my thing. However, I do confess when I am alone (God is watching me and He knows everything). I believe public confession will make you weak because people will know your weakness and hit you hard when you are vulnerable. By the way, I also try to avoid the situations when I will have to repent later on.
Confessing your wrongs to your loved ones, especially your mother should not be a hard thing really. Your mother is your first friend and confidante and she has the right to get mad, but she is the only person who will also forgive you and support you should things go wrong. So go ahead and confess, don't keep it from her because the longer you wait to tell her about your mistakes, the more angrier she will get.
My parents are both dead now but if I am worried about something I have done I will tell my sister but in the past I have done things that I have never told anyone because I was too ashamed.

There are worse things you could do than buy dolls. At least you are paying for them out of your own pocket and if they give you pleasure then it's not a bad thing. I'm sure your mum will only scold you a little.
Confessing is too subject and it depends on the nature of the transgression or sin.

It depends on the degree and the extent of its effect or penalty to the culprit.

It's easy for you to confess for what you've done isn't a grievous sin. But when it's too risky and it's too big kind of an iniquity, for sure, you won't confess it. Instead you're going to hide it and keep it a secret.

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