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Is coding still important in 2025?

Neutral Nova

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Nov 8, 2020
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Totally. Not exclusively will coding be pertinent in 10 years, however it will likewise be more important than it is today.
Be that as it may, the grammar of coding dialects will keep on getting simpler. As coding dialects become more English-like, they will be simpler to learn, less esoteric, and in this way more well known.

What do you think?
Coding will be important in general but in certain jobs. In a job like mine, coding isn't necessary to achieve all the results you would like.
I believe it will be important.

Coding is not all about development of new objects and stuff. It can be about fixing existing bugs as well. So no matter what year it is, unless we get a centralized stable software for everything, coding will be important.
This is just my opinion at the moment and this is based on my personal experience. I worked in support projects and development projects so far.
I'm sure that coding will still be important, not just in 2025 but for the next few decades. It's continuously changing and evolving, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's still relevant many years from now.

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