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Indoor games


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Do you play indoor games as well?
It can be a board game like chess or Othello. Or it could be a word play game as well.

Do you like playing them? I am not really fond of indoor games but I do like Chess a lot. What about you guys? Do you like to play indoor games? If so, what's your favourite indoor game?


Yep! The good thing about indoor games/sports is that you don't have to worry about bad weather! :)
I play ping pong, badminton, volleyball, floor hockey, chess, checkers, card games, etc. The list goes on!
I like playing chess, monopoly and ludo board game...but my favourite is monopoly, I can play the game continuously for 3days straight and I seems to be the god of the game


Indoor games? I used to play chess, Snakes And Ladders, and Scrabble. I miss those indoor games nowadays, since all are glued to their gadgets.


I used to play competitive chess when I was a teenager that I joined community tournaments. Although I did not win the championship but always got a good placing at least in the top 5 of the final round. But the problem with chess is that it is so hard to find an opponent especially now that computer games are the popular pastime of the youth so chess is getting obsolete.