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If your house is on fire..


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Jul 21, 2020
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If your house is on fire and you only had enough time to grab one thing before you had to get outside what would that one thing be?
Since I generally have my phone and wallet on my person most of the time, I would say either a arm full of clothing (enough for a few days), or the tower to my desktop computer. Hate to have to loose that, and have to spend even more money to replace that, in addition to the house and the rest of the stuff inside.
Of course I would grab money first, all my money for survival, then stuff everything in a backpack, my clothes and belongings needed to survive.
If we are not talking about people and only things here, then I will try to save my BJD dolls.
Right now, I love them a lot and I have been spending a lot as well. If it's people then I will grab my mother first. Then I will try to get my other family members before going with other stuff.

I don't want to imagine such situation at all but I am being brutally honest about my priorities here.
I'd take a set of clothes, my wallet, and if I had to, my phone, just to tide me over for survival situations. Losing my laptop and PC would suck, but I backed up the data so it's not the worst thing in the world.

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