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Humans v/s robots at customer care centers


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Oct 1, 2020
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Will you be comfortable in dealing with a human-less space where you have only robots who can listen to your complaints and respond to them?

These days most of the customer cares centers are trying to upgrade themselves to complete automated systems where pre recorded voices or robots will guide and help people to solve their problems.

Personally, I'm very uncomfortable with this. Firstly, such technology will be leaving so many people jobless. And secondly, when I have a problem I would love to have a human listening to it and solving it Talking to a machine would definitely give me an uneasy feeling.

What is your take on this?
Robots are being utilized now in services because they are less contaminated than humans in relation to covid. In Hongkong there is a restaurant that the food server is a robot. I had wanted to see that but our planned trip this year did not materialize due to the pandemic. When the situation gets back to normal I would surely go back to Hongkong to see that restaurant with a robot.
I believe humans are better suited for answering queries.
I had to spend close to 10 minutes in a shopping website chat communication, to get the answer. In the end, it was given to me by the customer care executive member.

That's how it is when it comes to interpreting couple of questions, for AI.
It might change someday but at the moment, I would rather stick with a human resource.

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