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How will America without TikTok be like?

Exactly the same. MySpace shut down, Vine shut down, Facebook's on the decline, etc. Social media platforms come and go, this will be no different. Something else will come along and take its' place and people will still get to post their ridiculous videos. Hopefully one day society will step back from social media platforms altogether, decentralize things a bit more by not spending all of their time and energy onto a handful of sites and platforms. Make the internet less of an information scavengers' paradise.
I have never gotten into Social Media. Can you believe that? I will not miss Tik Tok at all or any social media for that matter lol just forums for me!
I am not in tiktok. I don't think I will sign up either. I just don't seem to have the time for all that work that doesn't pay kind of thing. I used to be a fan but I grew older and I have so much to do in a day, posting here is work that pays and I would rather do that.

I am still in Facebook cause I normally use it to sign up on some sites and I am glad to have it but I rarely check my updates cause I ain't got that time. I am in Instagram and Snapchat as well but I don't post, maybe spy and see what everyone else is up to.

In some countries Chinese apps like tiktok are burned. Especially in India. I am sure something else will come up and people will be so involved in it.
I know that Tiktok is very popular because I have many friends who are addicted like they post a video at least once a day. It is a good question that when the app is banned where will the traffic go. I guess it will be YouTube since that is the most popular place for videos. But I think there is Facebook live which is also a video storage of sorts so maybe Facebook will also get a share of the traffic. Surely China has many apps that are popular and I wonder how they will be affected by the ban.
It will just be the same with one nuisance less.

But I am sure people will find something to waste their time and yours! :(
It will be just the same when tiktok on america will be shutdown nothing will going to be changed. Eeventually there will be a new app platform will emerge.

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