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How well do you study?


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Jul 21, 2020
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Do/did you study well while in school? I remember I could have studied a lot better if I chose not to be goofing off with my friends which I did 90% of the time. My marks werent the greatest lol
I wasn't that serious in class but neither was I a jocker.I did get average grades but sometimes I failed and some I really passed.
I wasn't great at it and my grades reflected this. It wasn't really a matter of being lazy (though this did become a factor later), I just don't absorb much information if I'm just reading it, or hearing someone talk in class. I learn way better by seeing and doing.
When I was in school, studying was not necessarily my forte. I had tendency to fall asleep whenever I was trying to study, I had tendency to fall asleep, not good. But I did well overall in school and was able to retain the information that was taught in class well enough. But, yeah, studying was not my thing.
I had above 90 percent marke for my 12th grade exams and I have the distinction of passing out from medical school without failing for a single test and a gold medal in internal medicine.

Does that make me eligible for any gifts? XD.

Mine was a case of luck.
I wasn't good in studies, i always had problems when it came to tests. I tried the writing method and the memorizing method, but what helped me was talking to someone about the material
i have a brain injury so my memory is bad
Unfortunately my intellect put me in the same class as those with no wish to learn, so had little chance.
Well, with the likes of educational institutions being closed and lessons being online; instead, it's definitely been a challenge. Studying from home presents its difficulties with the distractions around you. It's all about staying focused.

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