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Article How to Starting Exercising If You Hate Fitness


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Nov 16, 2020
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There is a difference between being lazy and finding the motivation to exercise. So, If you have trouble beginning to workout, I have some advice for you to get started on your path to fitness glory.

How much you like fitness is pre-determined by your genetics. That may sound a bit farfetched, but for people with these genetics, things can get out of hand. That is especially true for people who don't eat healthily because then they are just putting on weight and increasing their chances of having health problems.

By the way, if you are reading this article right now, then you are making a conscious effort to change, and that is the first decision you need to make. So let's get started, shall we?

Choose and Excercise Based On Your Fitness Goal

That is where most people get things wrong. You don't buy a weight set if you want to become a faster runner. It doesn't make sense. Speaking of running, it's the go-to exercise when someone talks about improving their health. While running has a whole host of benefits, it's not going to solve every problem. For example, if I have a headache that won't go away and I choose to go running to cure it. That is not going to help.

Another problem with running being the go-to is that it comes with that "get it done" mentality that suggests you should "take your medicine." It also creates that stigma that if you fail, you weren't strong enough to do it. That is not going to help anyone's progress. Most people who begin running to start exercise are doing it to lose weight. While running can help you lose weight, it's not the best exercise for that particular goal because it can be painful for those who are considerably heavy. Also, it doesn't yield an efficient result. Instead they those people who are looking to lose weight should start with strength training exercises and walking.

So whatever fitness goal you create, make sure you choose the right exercise plan for that goal.

Find A Reson to Make Exercising A Habit

Most of us have a favorite website or app that we use every day, and do you want to know something mind-blowing? There is a technique they use (which I can't recall the name of) that gets you hooked and coming back to each day. Dribbble, for example, drew me in with the promise of seeing work from top-level creatives and being able to showcase my work. I keep using the website because I gain inspiration and more of an audience for my work. You can apply the same concept to making exercise a habit.

Pick an exercise you will enjoy doing such as crunches or sit-ups, and then pick a benefit of doing that exercise that motivates you the most. For runners, this might mean being able to run a mile faster or the ability to run a longer distance. If you are doing strength training, it might be the ability to do more pushups or lift a certain weight.

Finding what hooks you is crucial so you can make exercising a habit and maintain it. The exercise feeling good won't be enough for you to keep up your exercise habit because it only lasts a short while if you dislike the exercise by default. It's okay to hate a particular workout, but don't lie to yourself about eventually enjoying it.

Begin and Better Yourself

Once you have the reason that hooks you to your exercise routine, begin to exercise with that reason in mind. If you don't know where to start your fitness goal, then there are plenty of resources and programs online for you to use. After a week on a consistent exercise routine, then measure your progress toward your goal. I guarantee you will have improved some if you make a genuine effort to do so.

Remember, if you are someone who hates fitness, then your motivation to achieve a larger goal is what will keep you going. Until next time, stay fit friends.​


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Jan 25, 2021
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I haven’t written on this forum for some time but I’m sure without looking that I wrote somewhere that I am a “very senior” natural bodybuilder.

Not to be too long, there are a couple of other reasons why some folks find it hard to make physical life changes and one of them is the length of time they believe it takes to accomplish those changes.
To them I might comfort by writing that it only takes a minute to make a change and anything longer than a minute is to make more changes. Our bodies WANT change and whether male or female, we’re not made for a sedentary life.
Whether your genetics point more in the direction of being a full of endurance runner or more toward large muscle mass or to be just well toned, everyone has a niche in life and is born to find that niche.

Just to test yourself, if all you do to start with is to get out of bed, stand straight whilst squeezing your butt cheeks for 1 rep of 10 seconds for 3 sets, a multitude of muscle fibers, flexors and tensors are effected. Not only that, the chemical reactions that take place are absolutely phenomenal, it feels good and all in 30 seconds.
In just a week, you’ll find that your hips feel better, your butt muscles are starting to firm up and your low back doesn’t get as tired as quickly.
Now imagine working other muscles for short periods at first and then as you see and feel those changes take place, what longer periods of work will do!

I did mention that there a couple of things and to me, words do matter.
Words like “diet” and “exercise” are automatic turnoffs because everyone has tried to diet and everyone has exercised to some degree and have failed miserably. The mental image alone can cause a person to grab the first candy bar and start the stress eating.

Try this. When you go to the gym or are in your safe spot in your home, you are no longer going to exercise, You’re going to TRAIN. It’s a Positive word. You are going to train your muscles to do whatever you want them to. You’re going to train your heart to pump more oxygen and nutrients that supply your muscles with all they need to do the work you want them to do. You’re training your brain to make contact with each muscle group that you work so that you can manage each group more efficiently and help them to get stronger and move at your will.

The other word is….Diet. No more dieting. The mental aspect sets you up for failure. You can lose or gain weight on nearly any diet but it isn’t permanent.
You change the verbiage and now you’re on a Nutritional program based on all the information you’re starting to research in order to be stronger and healthier. It isn’t by chance that Nutrition Specialists aren’t called diet specialists. Being on a diet isn’t necessarily nutritional.
No more quick fixes. Ya ever notice that with every quick fix it says, “with this and exercise you will…etc.”. Heck, eat enough fiber and you’ll dump 2 lbs in a day too which might be good but it doesn’t do anything about real nutrition.

Nuff said for now. Just start doing something. A squat, butt squeeze, a lazy pushup….something.

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