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Movies How to post a Movie using TMDB


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Feb 1, 2021
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Posting your favourite movie is really easy using the TMDB, below is a guide on how to post Movies.

The first thing you want to do is go to the Entertainment section of the forums and open Just Movies as shown below.

Movies and Tv forum.png

The next step you want to do is click on the TMDB link located under the thread title, once you click that it will bring you into the TMDB website as shown below.

click the movie database link below thread title.png

Next you will want to enter your movie title into the search bar as shown below

Enter your move title here.png

Next you will see your movie listed then you will need to click on that to get the URL of the movie as shown below.

click on your movie title.png

Next you will need to copy the complete URL of the movie in the address bar as shown below.

copy movie URL.png

Next you will need to paste the URL of the move into the thread title of your post as shown below.

Paste your title in the movie title area on CB.png

Next you can go ahead and click the Post thread button as shown below.

click post thread.png

You now have posted your movie and can enjoy the information pulled from TMDB as shown below.

your movie is now posted on the CB site.png

Enjoy posting your favourite Movies
Now get posting. ?

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