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How to Get Potential Mates to Chase You


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Jun 20, 2020
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You would want that - cause that would lead to truly interested partner. Anyway, one way as I read online is to be mysterious. In other words, don't spill your guts, don't contact them much, even if you can.

Anyway, this method can backfire, though - if taken too far. For instance, someone too self-absorbed wont' get the men/women and if he has one - will get a break-up.
I don't think it is a good idea to make someone chase you. That happened to me several time so I know that it is not a good position for a girl to be chasing me. Can you imagine that I sometimes receive flowers from the girl huh. It was a crazy idea to play coy or to play cute to the girl. They call it flirting and if you want to their girl then that is no problem. But to flirt just to make the girl chase you can really backfire. Worse it can affect your "real" lovelife.
Chase? I don't really like to chase the people that I'm interested in. Some people might find that an interesting challenge, but not for me. Ignoring someone triggers chasing though.

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