How to get better in graphics designing?


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Jul 25, 2020
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I have tried everything to get better in graphics designing but nothing worked. I had attended even Photoshop software classes as well .
Even my instructor told me that my art is just weird. I bet he couldn't straight out tell me that I am not at all cut out for graphics designing.

Well, do you guys have any tips for me? If so, please do share them here.
Well, art is a very tricky thing. It requires some bit of talent on top of the ability to use the tools. But i would say, watch lots of free youtube videos first. Then consider some premium courses on Udemy or

Then most important: Practice, Practice, Practice. Practice....the more you draw the better you will become. Just keep drawing irrespective of how weird your drawings come out. And take criticism positively.
I will suggest you see other people work and try to work on the soft ware for like seven hours everyday. Also make it an habit to work on project done by other people too. In time you will realize you are one of the best.
I totally agree with you. I have improved my skills in many things by doing a little bit of it every day and learning from what others have done. The secret is just consistency and persistence. And sticking to the project long enough to see its benefits.
I don't do graphic designing, in fact I do not use any graphic designing software like photoshop, corol draw etc. Therefore, I am not in a position to sugest you. However, I guess you can master the skill only when you practice a lot. If you still cannot, consider switchng to something else that you are good at.