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How to create a vpn using the home wifi


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Aug 4, 2020
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This is actually a question because a friend advised me to create a VPN when I am going to use Zoom for my regular conferencing. I have to admit that I have zero knowledge in Virtual Private Network. It was also said that a VPN makes the IP safer, I really have no idea about that. My computer is a laptop running on Windows 7 while my desktop is an old one which, I think, is not good enough for the purpose.
Sorry to hear that. I thought you are more knowledgeable about this technical term for I have read your post somewhere that you are a computer programmer. I am not right?

Anyway we are to discuss this matter for I, myself don't know this neither. Well, I have to be resourceful. Google is just waiting to be asked and for sure he got all the answers about Virtual Private Network (VPN).

He says if you're a frequent users of WIFI this put you in a private scrutiny. By using this all your online works would be hidden. They couldn't be traced. And it is easy to enable this by using your search engine setting like Google Chrome, Opera and others
There is a lot of VPN extensions that you can just add to whatever browser you are using. I mostly use Tor Browser because it has top-notch security in place. Whenever I use chrome or any other chromium-based browser, I usually use VPN extensions. If you prefer to purchase a VPN subscription, I would suggest going to youtube and find YouTubers who are promoting different VPNs and find one that is around your budget. The reason I suggested youtube is because YouTubers usually give links or codes that you can use to get a discount.
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Honestly it's a lot less hassle to just buy a subscription to one like HideMyAss or Nord VPN. They're only like a couple of bucks a month.
Honestly it's a lot less hassle to just buy a subscription to one like HideMyAss or Nord VPN. They're only like a couple of bucks a month.
And with the help of YouTubers, you can get a pretty sweet deal.

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