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How might we stop environmental contamination?

We can take these steps to stop environmental contamination :

1. Decrease the number of excursions you take in your vehicle.
2. Decrease or kill chimney and wood oven use.
3. Try not to consume leaves, junk, and different materials.
4. Try not to utilize gas-fueled yard and nursery gear.
5. Try to tree plantation more and more.
6. Stop water, air, sound, and all type of pollution.

Do you have any better ideas to stop environmental contamination?


If you mean by environmental contamination is the pollution then you have to understand that as long as there are people then the pollutants will be produced. Just with the use of water from the tap you are already polluting the environment when you flush your toilet bowl. When you eat then that is also pollution because you produce garbage. The only way for you to stop the pollution is not to eat and not to do anything. I am not trying to be funny. What I mentioned is true.


Environmental pollution is the introduction of toxic and harmful waste product to the environment. Environmental pollution is of two ways. Gaseous pollution and particulate matters. Particulate matters ranges from PM1 to PM10,( that is from micro particulate to macro particulate ). The only ways to control environmental pollution is to dispose waste properly and discourage open burning. There are many more means to control it, I will advise you to visit your nation environmental guide lines.