How do you like your Chips?

I absolutely love chips with malt vinegar on them, but it's quite hard to find decent chips here in the US, let alone places that have vinegar for your chips, so these days I settle for ketchup or ranch, and I rarely bother with burgers or things like that with them.
I love mine with Heinz Tomato Sauce with no added Salt. The crispy ones always go down well for me too. It's best to order from your local chippy as fried chips definitely taste better than oven cooked.
I like my chips to be Very Crispy. I eat them as they are or with Ketchup. I sometime add a dash of Hot Sauce to Ketchup.

What's your favourite dish that goes well with Chips? For example, it could be a fast food outlet, steak, or pizza. How often do you eat this food? Everyday? Once a week? Once a month? Let me know!