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How do you avoid stress in general?


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Is there a way to avoid it?
I can't think of any and even people I know get nosebleeds or headaches with stress. So, how do you avoid such stress in general?
Do you have anything planned to let of the stress for a while?

I really need some pointers at the moment and I have done some research but nothing worked so far.


I tend to be more of a worrier than a stresshead. I worry about things that may never happen but I don't get wound up over nothing. If I do need to calm down I just come to my online sites because it takes my mind off things.


How do I avoid stress? I don't usually get stressed anyway, I'm totally relaxed for the most part, so I just try not to be carried away by negativity or let things get to me so that I won't be stressed.


Stress is normal, you cannot avoid getting stressed out. However, what you can do is learn to cope with stress, or learn to manage stress, so to speak. Yoga and meditation help a lot in managing stress, and I am saying this from my personal experience.


When I am stressed, I prefer to be left alone, I either read something nice or watch TV. Take my mind off things and just stay alone for some time.
What is a stress? Let's define to know its nature, its sources and its effects.

It has been pointed that stress any body reactions to changes with physical, mental, and emotional responses.

It causes sometimes illness, injury and various emotional problems like depression, anxiety, anger, guilt, among others.

Effective stress management is needed. It could be personally handled if the person is emotionally stable. Others need a specialist on handling stress.