Having real friends with online friends


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Jul 30, 2020
My wife and I met online, and we've now been married over 11 years. Aside from that, the people I've met from online (that were not part of my local group) never became friends offline.
Wow That is so amazing! All we read about mostly is how people are duped by strangers they met on online dating sites or social networking friends. Yours is indeed a very positive story of how you met your wife and still going strong.

I personally have never met any of the people I met online but I am friends with a few of them. Even though we no longer participate in the online forums that we originally met on, we still speak on the phone occasionally, keep up with what is happening in each others lives occasionally and have even exchanged birthday gifts, celebrated birth of their babies etc. I hope to meet them sometime in real soon.


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Nov 2, 2020
A couple of people I met online have become real life friends, the rest we just speak online now.