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Gardening as a stress buster!


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Jul 30, 2020
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I have always loved gardening as it helps me to calm myself down. The Covid-19 epidemic has lead to people being locked up in their homes for a long time. Some dealt with this stress positively, some found it really hard etc. People who stayed positive and happy were the ones who just picked up a hobby, something they really enjoyed but hadn't ever found time to do. I myself started doing gardening a lot more than previously. Although I have very limited space, yet I managed to grow a few herbs, some vegetables and flowers etc.
I agree to this because gardening became my passion when I was in grade school. It started when I planted mustard that has big leaves. My aunts would come visit our house to pick the mustard leaves. They loved it. After the mustard I planted lettuce and other vegetables. When we moved to this home I shifted to fruit trees since there is already a mango tree. I added custard apple, cashew, start fruit and some others. From time to time that we make a harvest we always share with the neighbors, relatives and to friends as well. Now what is fruiting is the dragon fruit that we have already harvested the first batch. The harvesting is the final reward.
Gardening is indeed a good hobby to take up, it eases your stress and you get to reap the rewards of having free fruits as they grow with time.

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