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Fried Chicken

Lord Saru

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Jun 22, 2020
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I dont think I would crave for anything other than FRIED CHICKEN.

The first time I tasted fried chicken was when I was in my 5th standard and it was KFC. Since then, I have never wanted to eat anything other than friend chicken.

I believe I have tried around 116 varieties of fried chicken till date.

*Nothing matches my moms special recepie*

Tell us your fried chicken experience.
I really liked those fried chicken places in South Korea, when I taught ESL there. Well, I mean the Korean chicken chains. They had this seasoning that came with the chicken always and a distinct flavor.
I use to and I'm still enjoying the fried chickens from Graces when ever I'm fortune to pass by their services. First and famous the manner in which the services serve it's very encouraging, they all well organized and concious talk less of how they prepared their dishes there making sure that they apply all the necessary ingredients such that their dishes will be to their costumers taste
My mom's fried chicken is the best. However, due to her advanced age she cannot cook. Well, I want her to teach me how to make it. Anyway, I think her stuff could out-do KFC, Bojangles, Popeye's.
I love chicken not only fried but also stewed chicken has been my favourite food ever since I grew some teeth???❗.
I love KFC Fried Chicken. I always order them when i'm hungry.
We also love KFC but our best chicken is the Max's which is the traditional fried chicken in our family's tradition. I remember when my elder brother got married the reception was held in Max's Fried Chicken House. But you might not like the way the marinate their chicken. They use fish sauce which gives the chicken a distinct salty taste. Tonight we might be having that Max's fried chicken.

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