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Favorite form of exercise


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Dec 12, 2020
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What is your favorite form of exercise? Is it swimming, walking, jogging, cycling, or some other form of exercise? Personally, I usually do some weight training.
I'm a member of a local gym and have my own home mini gym. I like to do weight lifting and use the cardio machines. I also like to play sports for fun and exercise.
I prefer to do some brisk walking to keep myself fit, and also jogging at times when I'm not too busy, so from personal experience I would do these exercises at least once per week to be physically fit.
This reminds me of our traditional summer vacation in a swimming pool resort. Yes, swimming is a good exercise but I cannot do it everyday. My usual exercise is the push up that I do 40 push ups every morning. But this holiday season had stolen my push ups due to fatigue so I have started doing push ups again after the new year. Now I am just doing 25 push ups every morning.
Call it exercise, or leisure activity, I like going for a walk. I enjoy walking early in the mothing or in the early evening. Walking has a lot of benefits from losing weight to managing your blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes, to improving mental health. If you are battling depression, stress, or anxiety, go for a walk.
I like walking and I walk a lot. I walk to the market, to buy groceries or even some errands which are at a distance of 3-4 kilometres. I like walking because I can think of a lot of things without being disturbed.
I love jogging for almost 4km then I walk back home. I have been doing this for almost a month now and I am still motivated. New year new beginning, let us not stop moving/ exercising. Let us stay fit and healthy this year fam.
I have recently stopped driving as I prefer to walk and it certainly keeps my weight down. When my granddaughter was little I used to walk her to school which was a brisk 12 minute walk there and back twice a day. When she became old enough to walk by herself it was nice that I didn't have to rush in the mornings any more but I put on half a stone so it shows how walking can be good for you.
I'm a member of a local gym and have my own home mini gym. I like to do weight lifting and use the cardio machines. I also like to play sports for fun and exercise.
Iv'e just bought my self a Honor watch ES fitness tracker and i love it, you can be sitting down for an hour and it remind you to streach and get active. It also has its own personal trianer that displays how to do all the exercises too. Lockdow this is perfect to keep you motivated with activitys inside.

I have written about it here and I repeat that it's walking. Walking becomes my way of life.

It's almost 2 years now that I'm doing my routine of walking everyday. I do it early in the morning and late in the afternoon.

It's a good form of exercise. You can control it according to your needs and regulate its duration. It's too practical and it's priceless but its effect is great to your health.

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