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Face shield is uncomfortable


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Aug 4, 2020
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After getting used to the face mask, the authorities here are now requiring us to wear a face shield as well. Wearing both the mask and the shield is very uncomfortable in this tropical country. Walking for half a kilometer made me sweat from head to toe. It is difficult to see when the sweat is sliding down from my scalp to my face. There is no way to wipe it unless I remove the mask and the shield. If this is the standard then it is a burden to us.
The face shield does look uncomfortable. One of my friends have one of those. Hopefully they don't make those mandatory here.
I also think that the face mask is OK enough, but for added security then people should wear the face shield. It's quite uncomfortable though but more secure.
Even though most of my collegues are wearing facw shields to protect themselves from corona virus, I never uses facw shield. I wear a mask. I try to stand at least 2 meters away and wash my hands frequently.

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