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Jun 27, 2020
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So... is anyone here interested in economics? My interests (probably mentioned it before) lie really in the microeconomic theory such as the theory of the firm, market structures and government intervention. Also, the graphs (applies in macro too) involved and the maths behind some of them really fascinates me as I’m trying to learn it more.
They also lie in the macroeconomic sense such as to do with the government policies (monetary, demand-side and supply side ones), the Financial Crisis 2008 and The Great Depression and the steps taken to get out of them and inequality.
Those are just some of the topics I’ve enjoyed
Ohh i don't offer economics and wish I would have been offering it
Ohh i don't offer economics and wish I would have been offering it
That's a shame but it's never too late to learn a bit about it considering how much of an impact it has (now more than ever tbh). There are some really good books about economics that you can read to learn a bit about it. Freakonomics is a popular one or just reading articles online.
Economics interests me and I try to read up on economic issues. I am not expert but would know about things.
Economics interests me and I try to read up on economic issues. I am not expert but would know about things.
It really is interesting. Some stuff is quite hard to pick up and understand but once you do, everything makes so much sense (especially with diagrams).
I've got a pretty decent interest in economics. I love both macro and micro, but probably lean towards the macro side. I've read lots of books on the topic and have taken quite a few classes on the topic in college. I somehow managed to earn three business degrees and economics courses were required in each one. I ended up with an MBA, so I guess it's now in my blood.

Anyway, I wouldn't mind discussing monetary policy, the velocity of money, where money comes from, the various currencies that have failed throughout history, and all that. I'll also talk about the micro side if you wish. I like the supply/demand side of things, productivity, and yes, how government regulation affects all types of business. Whatever you want to talk about, I'm game. I've actually written about economics quite a bit on my site.

Thanks for starting this thread. I hope to contribute as best I can.

Economics has to do with doing business, investing and combining all the laws of trading for maximum profit. That is why in a nation, they have economist that help to project market structure for stable economic development.

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