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Doubt about Covid 19


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Jun 20, 2020
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A lot of stuff seeme erie and creepy. What's really going on? What is a believable conspiracy?
Nobody knows anything. Everybody taking up some tit-bits, half bakes it to suit his/her own propaganda and is running with it.

A lot of stuff seemed Erie and creepy. What's really going on? What is a believable conspiracy?

I don't believe in them. Please, whatever you do, don't believe everything you read online. Most conspiracy theories are not true. My advice is to believe only what you read or watch that is considered a trusted source.
I think we need to understand the pandemic from a scientific perspective. The reasons why this pandemic also breeds conspiracy theories are important.

1. The chineese are not able to access the internet much. This means that we dont hear their part of the story.

2. Chineese people have far different dining habbits than the rest of the people. This doesnt make them bad but only vulnerable.

3. The general tendency is to believe that China is a dictatorial/authoritarian government that are ruthless and bold.

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