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Do you take too much coffee?


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I take too much coffee.
My work is a little too much and I have been trying to get released from my current project.

To make me think right and to avoid headache pills, I usually have too much coffee. Anybody else here take too much coffee? If so, do you feel like you can't sleep at night because of this, no matter how tired you are? Do share your experiences here!
Me too, when I am working overnight I love and mostly consume a lot of coffee. I mostly love it black. It takes away all my sleep and leaves me feeling so energetic.


I don't drink Coffee at all but I drink tea and I have about 1 to 2 cups of tea per day :coffee:. The doc says thats okay :D


I do a lot of writing. And because of the time differences, i often end up writing mostly at night (in my country). That forces me to take loads and loads of coffee the whole night. I can take more than 3 cups, do some moonwalk (walking outside) and then back to the keyboard!


Well, just to bump this up again! Am doing my 3rd cup for the day. I have 5 articles to write before dawn. So that means no sleeping at least for the next 5 hours.

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With work i have to drink coffee to get me through it lol, so Monday to Friday i do drink a lot, when not at work i drink Tea as that is what i enjoy drinking.


how'd i get to be so good?
I used to drink a metric asston of coffee (8+ cups a day) but ive slowed down to only 1 or 2 now.
Even if i drink a lot in a day, it no longer affects my sleep. I can drink as much or as little as I want and sleep fine.
Energy drinks are diff tho, they will keep me awake.


I love Coffee and Chocolates. I like my coffee strong and sweet.

But, recently I have to avoid drinking Coffee as it causes acidity for me. Sad!
I actually don't drink a lot of coffee. Usually it's one cup a day, but sometimes it's more than that. I'm not huge on the flavor of coffee, so it has to basically not taste like coffee, haha.


Coffee has no effect on me, I can take 2 cups per day, and I still can sleep soundly at night. Coffee perking you up isn't guaranteed.


I like coffee but don't drink it too frequently. I drink tea instead, at 4-5 times a day, flavoured with fresh ginger and mint leaves.


I don't take coffee, I am stimulant in nature. am energetic, when I have work to do at night, I tried to buy soft drink online.