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Do you like spicy food?

The only spicy food item I consume is hot chilli sauce. I don't think I can eat any meal without chilli. It increases my appetite and gives the food a hot sizzling taste. I love the way it withdraws my cold and is so freaking delicious.

I don't take any other spices cause they aren't usually natural, most of them are full of chemicals and can have a huge impact on the human digestive system.


I like eating spicy food. The heat gives me some sort of vicarious thrill. However, I don't eat spicy food very often as it is not very good for your body. By the way spicy food is very popular in my home country. During the celebrations and holidays, spicy food becomes a must.
I cannot take any meal without chili. I love how it increases my appetite, It kills the germs in food. Which chili do you normally use? The powdered, crushed, or the fresh one? We planted some chili in my mom's garden so all we do is pluck wash it and cut it to the food I am taking since me and my mum are the only ones who love consuming it.

Chilli has so many uses in the human body. Did you know that chili fights off cancer? They contain a substance called capsaicin that's the chili part in them and it has so many benefits to the human body. In case you are experiencing any form of irritation in your belly, chili helps to eradicate it and boost your metabolisms. Chilli also reduces migraines and headaches.

Have you ever experienced flu or cold and you make chili? It helps to eradicate your cold hence you sneeze till you feel relieved. Personally, I don't know any negative effects of chili. Medical scientists are yet to prove that it helps boost longetivity.