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Do you like spicy food?


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I love spicy food.
I don't like the bland taste of the food in general and I prefer spiciness more than anything else. I do admit that it could be because of my ancestory too.
So, how many of you guys like spicy food here? What's your favourite spicy food? As for me, I love spicy curry more than anything.

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I certainly love spicy food, curry dishes are my favourite and if anyone is brave to eat Phall then i salute you! I can honestly say that's the hottest I've ever had.

I also love a spice called "Fire Cracker" I have it on chicken its lovely 😍


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I love spicy food. Especially if I have a cold or i'm congested. It's great for clearing up sinuses :D


I like some spicy foods, but not all. I don't mind spice at all, I just have preferences as to when I will or won't eat spicy foods. So, yes I like them, but not all the time.
I didn't use to be into spice food, but over the past few years I've gotten really into it. Even food that isn't necessarily supposed to be spicy, I'll add hot sauce to. I feel like it kicks the food up a notch in some cases.


I like spicy food, but then Indian food is seasoned with plenty of spices and condiments that make them so tasty and delicious. And here, by spicy, I don't mean hot, as not all Indian foods are hot, but seasoned with a perfect blend of different spices and condiments in so many variations. but we do use fresh green chillies in all our curries and vegetable preparations.


Our culinary culture is a mix of many foreign foods particularly Chinese, Spanish and Americans. With spicy food we are not fond of that in our home although I think generally our culture loves spicy food. One example is chicken curry which is one favorite here although not in our home. Our best spicy food is the caldereta which is beef or goat's meat that is cooked in tomato sauce with lots of chili.


I love spicy food. Most of my family and friends prepare spicy food, so it pretty hard not to like spicy food.


I really don't like spicy food, it feels hot and uncomfortable in the mouth. But I noticed that I can tolerate the mild form of spiciness, but definitely not the strong kind.


Definitely not the tearing kind. I have never met anyone who is into foods that make you tear-up. Everything should be in moderation.
Before I was to choosy about the foods I want to eat. But when I have eaten spicy chicken wings, my discriminating taste has changed and long to eat more spicy foods. They are tasty and appetizing.

Among the foods prepared and ready on the table, I prefer to get the spicy ones. They perk up my appetite. To mention a few, I have already eaten spicy rice, spicy noodles, spicy veggies, among other. But my favorite is chicken curry which my wife cooks it better.

I have learned later that spicy foods are good for weight loss, depression, heart disease, digestion, and pain.


No, I don't like spicy foods. I can't stand the heat, and it's very uncomfortable in the mouth. I prefer the bland type of food; I still enjoy consuming it, with all the different flavors. Just nothing hot!