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Do you know about Infolinks as a substitute of Adsense?


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Aug 4, 2020
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I have read yesterday in another forum that Infolinks has a monetization program like Adsense. Your site can earn from the inserted ads of Infolinks into the content of your site. Maybe I can use it to monetize my blog that I am planning to resuscitate. But I am lacking in information about Infolinks for now.
I use adsense on my website, I have tried using infolinks. After using infolinks for a couple of months, I dropped this ad network. Earning from infolinks is harder than adsense. On adsense, you will at least earn whenever someone clicks on your ad, however, infolinks is cpm based ad network and the pay rate entirely depend on traffic location and the advertising spending. When I did not see any earnings even when I had 600 impressions. I stopped using infolinks.
I have tried Infolinks in the past but personally find their ads really obtrusive and actually damaging to a user's experience of the site, so I have dropped them from any future sites I run. I also believe they pay less than Google Adsense too which makes it not worth it at all in my opinion

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