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Do you keep track of eBay orders?


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It's not going to be easy considering that not all of us use those shopping websites daily.
I couldn't get any refund for couple of orders as I forgot all about them and the protection time was up. So, what about you guys? How do you keep track of those orders(assuming that you don't use those websites often)?

I would like to place some orders in eBay but I am a bit hesitant at the moment.


I know you will see your order history when you order on websites. Don't tell me you haven't seen it yet? It's quite noticeable on Ebay.


It is always easy to track stuffs you buy from their website. And when it is ready, you will be called to come pick up ordered goods.


I don't order a lot from ebay so it's easy to keep track of my orders. I did order a sat nav once which didn't arrive but the seller gave me a refund. Another time I put an old phone up for sale there and was almost scammed by an American buyer. Luckily Ebay contacted me and told me not to sell to him. He was trying to get my paypal details. For this reason I would rather buy from Amazon as I feels it's safer and they deal with any problems immediately.

Normally I just go into my account and see if there is anything I have forgotten and leave a review.