Do you go bowling?

The only time I played bowling was when I went to a gaming arcade in a nearby shopping mall. I am not a huge fan of bowling because I never seem to get it right.

Along with that, I am a person who likes to spend time with people and food, but not with games and arcade.
I used to bowl leagues when I was in high school, even considered going to college for bowling, but had a few things in life change my priorities and wound up giving it up. I was halfway decent, as well, had a 205 average, 289 high score and 797 high series (3 game).

So, yeah, I was into bowling, but haven't done so now in over 14 years. It's a fun activity and can be a good sport if you really get into it.
Bowling is a huge amount of fun. It's a shame that these types of businesses can't open yet as a result of government restrictions due to COVID. I can't wait to play this sport again with my friends and family.