Do you get water piped in your homes?


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Jul 30, 2020
We get fully filtered and purified water piped in our homes by the city corporation. When I remember my childhood days of carrying heavy cans of water from faraway places, I can't help but thank god for the fortunate situation I am in. Are you one of those lucky people who get water in homes now?

Nocturnal Thinker

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Sep 15, 2020
When I grew in our town before, our tap or drinking came from a local water system which supplied the whole place where we live. The water we drink and use for cooking comes from the Water District. It's cleaned and closely monitored by the city government.

So I am already 69 years old that means we're using a tap water from the mentioned government agency.
Before we paid a flat rate for our monthly water concession. Now at this present time, our water supply is metered.

We could only have a bottled water when we go school. We just get the drinking water in a storage provided for. We call the water vessel as "banga" for we didn't have a water dispenser.


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Aug 4, 2020
The water supplier in out town claims that the water in the tap is okay to drink because of the purification process and the filtration that the water undergoes. But to be sure of the quality of the drinking water, we have a water filter at home to further clean the water that we drink. When I was young, the tap water was guaranteed to be potable and it was common to see a person drinking from the faucet or from the garden hose. But now that is a rarity because the water in the pipe is always suspect of impurities.