Health & Lifestyle Do you get sleepy after eating?

When I lack sleep at night for any reason I would feel sleepy after having my lunch. To neutralize the sleepy feeling I would do some physical activities like household chores of tending my potted plants. But when I had nothing to do I would succumb to the call of the bed although 1 hour of sleep is enough. It is good to give the body the rest that it needs but it affects my night time sleep so avoid having a nap.
When I don't get enough sleep at night, I feel sleepy any time during the day, not just after eating. However, if I get a good sleep at night, I don't feel sleepy during the day. In the evening, after having my supper, I don't feel like sleeping immediately. In fact going to sleep right after eating is not good for your body. You should sleep at least 4 hours later after you had your meal.
I get sleepy after eating but that does not happen too often. Usually, when I eat after long hours and when I eat a lot, I feel sleepy. I go to work on the weekdays, therefore, I eat in small portions and don't faeel sleepy. On the weekends, I eat late and I eat more than usual and I feel sleepy right after eating.
I try and get moving just after or I will want a nap.

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