Do you follow rules all the time?


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Jul 25, 2020
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It can be anything or at any place for that matter.

Do you always stick to the defined rules? I try to and I usually wouldn't break any rules in general. Is it the same for you guys?
If not, when do you break these rules? Do explain the situations and we can all try to avoid them :D
I normally stick to the rules and abide by them, because my son is around me, observing me. If I break rules, he might think it is okay to break rules, I do not want that! However, it is okay to break or bend certain rules as situation might demand, and bending rules will not harm or damage anything or anyone, so sometimes, it is okay to do so!
There is a story about the 99th mayor of New York city, Fiorello La Guadia during the late 1930’s.
It was a cold and snowy night and the night court judge could not make it so Mayor La Guadia took the judges place.
The bailiff called out a name and a man came forward and was accused of stealing a loaf of bread.
After hearing the case the Mayor handed down a verdict of guilty and then suspended the sentence after which he looked around at the gallery and fined each person 5 cents.
La Guadia stated that the fine was for allowing anyone to be so hungry and broke that they have to steal a loaf of bread in order to feed themselves.

Whilst I do try to follow the rules and whatever the law allows and doesn’t allow, there are times when I see someone break a law.
The story I wrote above is a true story and it always reminds me to take a moment when I see or hear about someone bending the rules that there may be a good reason for why that person did such a thing.
I mean, why did that person write a bad check for groceries or why is that person panhandling or worse yet, why is that person doing dope?

I have no tolerance for someone committing the greater crimes but the smaller ones that might mean something other than it’s face value are the one’s I have to take that moment and wonder why.
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Looking back at the prior posts, I wonder how many of us follow our Own rules?
I mean, there are rules, regulations and laws that are put into place for society in general but what about the rules we make for ourselves?
Some rules we put into place for ourselves are based on religion, culture, employment or maybe just the need to stay healthier.
Just curious.

Note: By asking that question I am by no means attempting to derail the OP but just thought that it could be included.