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Do you follow rules all the time?


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It can be anything or at any place for that matter.

Do you always stick to the defined rules? I try to and I usually wouldn't break any rules in general. Is it the same for you guys?
If not, when do you break these rules? Do explain the situations and we can all try to avoid them :D


I was just trying to think of any rules I have broken. I'm pretty good with the covid rules. I know when I was a teenager I was always going against what my parents said like getting in later than I should and then lying about where I had been :p


I try to follow all the rules all the time, I don't try to do the opposite because I'm a law-biding person. When I was younger though I tend to rebel and disobey my parents, but now not anymore.


I try to follow rules most of the time, however, sometime situations demand you break the rules. For example, bitcoins and all crypto currencies in my home country are illegal, however, I use crypto sometimes because it is easy to send and receive funds.