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Do you follow a particular diet?


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Dec 12, 2020
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Many people follow diets, usually for reasons related to health, weight, and/or functionality. Personally, I just try to avoid eating too much junk. Other than that, I don't strictly follow any meal plan. How about you?
I never follow a particular diet, I just eat whatever I want and I don't worry about gaining weight. As long as you eat in moderation you will never gain weight.
I am not particular with the diet but I had to be conscious of the diet in our home because my wife is overweight. If she will not control her diet then she might be obese. For almost a year now we are on the "after 6" diet. That means she cannot eat anything anymore after 6 pm. But I still take a snack when I am hungry because I am not overweight. With the kind of food we are shifting to more fish and vegetables.
I don't follow any particular dietary method. I eat every things from raw foods to dairy products and meat products. However, I try to inclue every thing in the plate for a balance diet.
Not a proper diet plan but i eat healthy food, drink fresh juices and go for my workout, so i think i am good.?

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