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Do You Find Movie Tickets Expensive Nowadays?


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Oct 9, 2020
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I noticed that movie tickets are quite expensive now especially the Imax ones, and even the regular movie tickets have increased their price through the years. So I have stopped going to the movies nowadays. How about you, do you still watch movies in the cinema despite it's expensive ticket price?
The movie experience has always been ridiculously expensive, but I'd say the prices haven't gone up too much in recent years. Still too expensive for what you get out of it, but about the same over the past few years. Concessions are where they always get you, though, those $7 drinks and $8 popcorns...
In my opinion, you can already eat a simple fast-food meal with that money, so it's better off being spent on food than movies, since you can watch them for free online anyway.
Yes, they are too expensive nowadays and most movies are not even worth spending that much money on the ticket.
True, and also, movies are very prevalent online, so it's quite easy to track them. I also won't spend money on movies at this point in cinemas if I can watch them for free.
Well, tickets are too expensive to those first run movies especially when they are showing premier films. Those who can afford to buy those tickets are rich and wealthy persons who love to watch the movie in the big cinema with a state-of-art facilities and amenities to offer to the movie goers.

That's why ordinary people couldn't afford to watch the movie in the mall because of the tickets which are too costly. But yet they are well-to-do person who dares to watch the movie for he wants to feel what the rich is enjoying. In my case, I may just watch it in Netflix. I could enjoy it by myself with other people.
Yes, the movie tickets here kept on increasing that the latest I know is $5 with a senior discount. The ticket price is one of the reasons why we go to the cinema very seldom because we feel that the cost of ticket is worth when the movie is so good. But the one movie we didn't like was the Sylvester Stallone starrer called Last Blood. It is action but more of a drama and so many impossibilities. Anyway, now that cinemas are open again maybe we will just watch something good on tv.
Before you can watch a movie for less than $2, now it seems to get more expensive. That's becoming unreasonable already and junk food budget isn't even included, so I'd forgo watching movies in the cinemas nowadays.
Over here too, movie tickets kept on increasing their prices. Specially when there is a release of a established personality and it's getting releases on a festival - it goes unnecessarily expensive. Restra in side there are painfully useless.

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