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Do you clean your phone RAM often?


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Jul 25, 2020
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I do clean my phone RAM often.
Not sure the exact reason but after a day or two, my phone becomes extremely slow despite having 8 GB RAM. During those instances I clear my RAM and cache.
Sometimes I just restart my phone too. So, anyone else here face this issue? If so, what do you do?
How does one clear their RAM? i don't think I have ever done this lol
I find it depends on the brand of phone you have. Samsungs usually have significant bloatware in them which hog RAM automatically. Mine is a huwawei and I rarely need to purge the RAM

Android is designed to manage its RAM automatically.
Not really, I only really switch between Spotify/Firefox/Reddit anyway. When my phone does start slowing downs it's usually cos it'll have 1 month of uptime so it's just in dire need of a reboot :p
After I switched over to OPPO from my Samsung phone, I have never had to be bothered about my phone hanging or getting stuck.

All I do is a monthly clean up ofy gallery and remove the images and videos from Whatsapp and other IM apps.

OPPO phone comes with a built in RAM cleaner too

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