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Do you bet on sports?


Years ago, I used to bet on football games all the time. Online sports betting was just becoming popular here and it was quite exciting to engage in. After a while, however, I decided to stop. Do you normally bet on sports?


My favorite betting is on horse racing although sometimes I wager a friendly bet to my wife or even to a neighbor about a basketball game. In the French Open Tennis I had a bet on Sofia Kenin but she lost in the finals so I also lost my $10. The bet enhances the excitement and interest in watching the game so I am open to betting but up to $10 only because I don't consider that amount gambling.


Sports betting is illegal in my home country. Whether you do online betting or real betting your act is punishable by law. I don't do illegal stuff. Even if it was allowed, I would have never tried it because I don't like betting, or gambling.


Here in North America its legal for the most part, it depends where you live. I don't usually bet on sports games but sometimes I do the 50/50 draw. Its only $5 a ticket and half of it goes to the winner and the other half to a charity so it's for a good cause.