Creating and Using organic fertilizer

Aug 4, 2020
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I have a compost pit in our backyard. It is a hole on the ground that is 1 square foot in area and 1 foot deep. That is where we throw the waste in the kitchen particularly the vegetable trimmings and fruit rinds. There should be a cover so that the pests wouldn't bother the decaying vegetables. The earthworms will eat that and they will produce organic soil which is fertile. You can use that soil as planting material.
I am a hobbyist gardener. I grow flowering plants, ornamental plants, as well as vegetables. Since I grow plants, I am also in a habit of making compost. There are many benefits of making compost, one, you get free natural fertilizer for your plants, two you will be able to manage your organic waste.
I have started using my kitchen waste to make compost. All I do is punch a few holes at the bottom of waste plastic containers, lay pieces of coconut husk, dried leaves over a layer of pebbles and broken earthen pots. Over this, I then start putting vegetables peels, stalks, onion and garlic peels etc. I spread a thin layer of soil over this as well as a little vermicompost. Spray little water. Repeat the layer of vegetable waste. Once the container is full , I plant seeds or saplings over this and take another container to fill up likewise.