Covid - The pool party of Wuhan

Aug 4, 2020
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Have you seen the news of the pool party in Wuhan City, China? There were hundreds in the crowded pool. They were watching a concert in the stage placed at the other end of the pool. The issue for me is the crowd of people as if they are bragging that they are immune to the covid virus. I am guessing that they are doing that because they are immune which means China has a vaccine and has given the shots to those people as a way of finalizing their clinical trials. I hope my hunch is true so that we can also avail of the vaccine.... if China would give us.
I have seen it in news. The very audacity of these people anger me. The Chinese authorities are responsible for unleashing the deadly virus on the unsuspecting world, they are the reason why millions of people lost their lives, jobs, families broke apart and these guys (I wish I could use curse words) are partying so brazenly! This just proves the suspicion that they had vaccine all along with them and they deceived the world for their selfish gain!